History built and chiseled into the walls of our city

You can live your entire life in and around the city and not know the history that lies in every single brick you pass by, street you walk on and entrance doors you pass. Rewind about 12, 000 – 15,000 year ago, the ground we walk, commute and cycle on today was inhabited, nourished and protected by various Khoekhoe clans. Our beautiful Cape Town city celebrates her 370th ‘founded’ birthday this year – I know rite… so young. While Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa, Cape Town holds het 2nd largest city with pride. Our history is very young and if you take one moment to really have that sink in, next time you walk along Adderley Road, the company gardens and along the Castle of Good Hope’s walls, things will feel a little different.

Our hosted architecture and history tour is jam-packed with eye opening moments while walking the streets of the Cape Town City Bowl. Feel the history seep into your veins while standing in front of the goosebump-beautiful Anton Anreith pulpit (completed by Jan Jacob Graaff) in the Groote Kerk, soak in the trauma and trade of humans at the The Old Slave Tree Memorial and twirling around in the world renowned Mutual Heights banking hall. These are but a few of the stops you will make while directed to look up, down and around you to take off the eye blinders you have been wearing when running form the one traffic light to the next. The beauty of this specific tour is that you will not stop at the same spot twice no matter how often you sign up for the tour. Return to hear more about the Old General Post Offices’ carvings in the main hall, Groot Constantias’ Jonkershuis complex showcasing the then to now journey and the majesty of the St. Georges Cathedral in Green Market Street.