“The meaning of a great work of art, or the little of it we can understand, must be related to our own life in such a way as to increase our energy of spirit”

Whether you are a collector of South African master pieces, or you enjoy cutting edge contemporary art, our tours are custom designed to fit like a glove. We specialize in tailor-made art tours that will take you directly to the very best art offered in Cape Town and you will be accompanied by one of our art specialists.

This initiative originated out of the need for art specialists within the tourism industry and our main focus is to educate visiting guests on the wonderful talent Johannesburg has to offer the art enthusiast or collector.

What differentiates our tours from other available art tours is that you will be accompanied by a local artist with a Master’s degree in Fine Art, hence you will enjoy the added benefit of having an art consultant by your side.


Cape Town Specialists

Johannesburg Specialists