Architecture and History Tour

This tour will be tailored according to your interests and can easily be combined with design and art for an all-in-one day experience.

For this tour we suggest that the client select architectural styles of interest and what period of art/design they are interested in so that we can build an itinerary around that. For example, if they are interested in history and the historical architectural periods we can also show the rare Africana artworks that dates to the 16th and 17th century, or we can show the politically charged work of the 70s, 80s and 90s. Alternatively we can focus on contemporary art, design, and architecture.

This tour will be tailored according to the interests of the client and can easily be
combined with design and art.


The different architectural periods that can be included are:

• Cape Dutch
• Colonial Cape Dutch Revivalist Architecture
• Edwardian
• Art Deco
• Contemporary

The different places of interest that can be included on an Architecture tour will be:

  • Lutheran Church and Martin Melck House – Strand Street
  • Dutch Manor House – Bo-Kaap
  • Bo-Kaap Museum – Bo-Kaap
  • Groot Constantia – Constantia
  • Tuynhuys – Company Gardens
  • Houses of Parliament – Company Gardens
  • Rust en Vreugd – East City
  • Millers optometrist – City Centre
  • Old Mutual Building – City Centre
  • Post office building – City Centre
  • Zeitz MOCAA – Waterfront
  • Norval Foundation – Tokai

An example of an art and architecture tour in the city centre:

  • We will head to the city centre for a two-hour stroll showing the beautiful Art Decco buildings, for example: Millers optometrist, old Post Office and the Old Mutual Building. We will also point out some of Sir Herbert Baker’s buildings and his famous Cape Dutch revivalist style, for example: Fresh produce Building, now the Eastern Bazaar as well as Groote Kerk.
  • Several public artworks can also be seen on this tour, for example the Cape Town Memorial to the Enslaved created by Wilma Cruise and Gavin Younge.
  • Lunch to be booked in the city centre.

And or a full day experience, we recommend the following:

• After lunch it is a lovely option to head out to the Silo District at the Waterfront where guests can visit the Guild gallery as well as the Zeitz MOCAA.


• Visit The Norval Foundation in Tokai. a private art museum designed by DHK Architects as a modern pavilion for art. Their collection that was build up by the Norval family is referred to as the Homestead Art Collection and is one of the leading 20th-century South African art collections.

If the guests have an interest in work that dates to the 17th and 18th century Rust & Vreugd or the Houses of Parliament can be visited as an alternative to Zeitz or Norval. (Note: Parliament is currently closed due to the fire earlier this year.)

• Visiting Rust & Vreugd, a grand old Cape Dutch mansion and garden that has been one of the first spaces used for exhibiting art in Cape Town. In this house you can also view rare Africana work on paper from the William Fehr collection that dates to the 18th and 19th century.


• Houses of Parliament with a private viewing of the rare Africana artworks from the Mendelsohn collection dating back to the 18th and 19th century. These buildings are beautiful examples of Cape Dutch, Edwardian, and Cape Dutch revivalist architecture. A special treat is to be able to view the legal deposit library is also an option, but both these buildings are currently being renovated.

If you are particularly interested in Cape Dutch architecture and want to venture to the Constantia winelands, the afternoon can be spent at Groot Constantia with our cultural guide Yusuf Voterson.