A technicolour cultural walk along the Bo-Kaap

The colourful heart of Cape Town stands tall along Buitengracht Street creeping up the Eastern slopes of Signal Hill. The multicolour painted homes of this beautiful community represents their multi-dimensional culture and history. The colours mark a statement signaling freedom and independence after slavery in the Cape has come to an end. Some of these homes have been passed along many generations and together they face many challenges to keep the ground they have build their heritage on.

Allow us to take you on a journey form one of the oldest Bo-Kaap buildings – now the Iziko Bo-Kaap Museum, a glimpse at the country’s oldest Mosque to the out skirts of the suburb. Experience the culture, the Cape Malay inspired food and dive into some traditions of this generous and hospitable inhabitants. From here we can stop by some of Cape Town’s greatest galleries bringing our worlds together in art and expression.