A GOLD evening

By Anlé Britz

To visit the GOLD restaurant has been on my bucket list for over ten years. I started my professional career in hotel management in 2011 and I can clearly remember the commission inspired envelopes that were delivered after every guest and group dinner reservation I secured. Yet with every reservation my dream to some day have my name on that reservation remained that – a bucket-list dream.

But this year was my year, this month this bucket-list checkbox was checked and let me tell you… it was everything I imagined. The reviews ring true and I an super excited to share with you my experience.

The welcome is vibrant – be sure to have your name on the list as the venue is booked well in advance. You are escorted to your table by a lovely hostess that welcomes your heart with an authentic smile and welcome. At the table you are greeted with a djembe drum on the chair – begging to be drummed. The welcoming praisesinging captures your heart in a second with rhythms that sweeps you up in the promise of an extraordinary evening. The djembe drumming is an absolute treat with drumming sounds in the middle of the drum and on the edge of the drum divided in sets of 3(middle)-5(edge)-HEY. Throughout the evening you are treated with culturally rich and vibrant shows that makes you so proud of sharing a small part in this beautiful Rainbow nation we live in.

The 14-course tasting menu is served to be shared in family style so that you do not have to choose and feel that you might just be missing out on a culinary experience. The food is a celebration of African dishes all over the continent where you will have a tasting glimpse of the meal’s country of origin, the cooking techniques and traditional inspiration of each and every bite. Now, it might seem that a 14-course meal is too much to handle – it is not – lies, it is enough, too much and more – so come hungry and pace yourself.

The evening closes in a cloud of gold dust (literally) and a dance along to end off an already perfect evening on a high note that will last well after the evening has come to an end.

I can with a happy palate and joyous heart attest that this is truly an experience that you HAVE TO make time for and invite as many people as you can find – a family meal just tastes better when shared with the people you love.

Make your reservations here: https://goldrestaurant.co.za/bookings/