Wine hopping along the R60

By Anlé Britz

As a child I grew up where family vacations was planned bi-annually to visit our grandparents in East London. We did not fly because we loved spending the time catching up on deep conversations, playing road trip games, pitstops and blasting the music through the speakers for car karaoke. It is because of this distance that places like Worcester and Robertson are mere pins on the map to measure travel time.

This month we changed things up, passed the usual 60km radius that we live our lives in 95% of the time and went on a exploring mission to enjoy wine on the other side of the Du Toitskloof pass. And what amazing world you enter as you travel towards the sunrise and away from the ocean.

First stop: The Rooiberg Wine Farm

You might have seen this winery on your way to Robertson – well you cannot miss it actually. It is the one with the super huge red chair at the entrance. The excitement to turn to the left off the main road made my heart beat a extra beat. And ofcorse I had to get on that chair – yes the steps are small and the height a little intimidating, but the view is absolutely breathtaking. Definitely worth a facing your light fear of heights. The tasting room and the Red Chair Bistro & Deli has recently been renovated and the modern finishes are stunning. The tasting was hosted by a lovely and educated gentleman who spoiled us with ample information of how the Rooiberg wines differ form the ones closer to the ocean. We walked away with three sets of two-hands full of wine. The Chenin blanc is of my favorites and teh reserve selection is quite special. Check them out here:

Second stop: Nuy on the Hill

The day is hot and the first wine tasting have spoiled our tastebuds, but one tasting normally just gets you in the mood for another. SO on our way back home, we stopped at the beautiful Nuy on the Hill winery in the heart of the Nuy Valley. The tasting clerk was a absolute sport and you can clearly see that he is passionate about this wine collection.
The Chant de Nuit (“Night Song”) from the Inspiration Collection was a definite winner because it is everything and anything from the initial taste to a couple of seconds in where everything (and I mean everything) changes completely. Not something that I have come across in my wine tasting experience. We loved the Barbieri Idro 2015 Maskadel and the story inspiring the name is one that you need to hear firsthand.
The winning wine for the day was and is the Pinotage based Argilla Cape Blend. The perfect balance of red berry fruits and cocktail tomatoes – damn this is a special wine.
Check them out here:

The R60 most certainly have many more winery gems along her winding tarred shoulders. Be sure to make a a stop at a couple – you never know what you will find.