Spring has SPRUNG

By Anlé Britz

Spring has arrived at the red carpet and she is wearing all the colours of the rainbow in style. This edition is filled with the celebrations of nature, natural beauty and a celebration of the new. The City of Cape Town opened up the “Grow, don’t Mow’ debate and the response was amazing! The ‘No Mowing Policy’ has been implemented and in the spirit of the conversation of our beautiful floral region and will only come to close at the end of November.

It is quite special to have the wild flowers brighten up your day while sitting in traffic on your way to work. Or inviting you for a roadtrip anywhere in the country where your eyes are drawn to colourful patches of red, orange, yellow, purple and white. Or motivating a trip to the National Parks (like Postberg) for a slow drive amonth the natural beaty that stands tall in showing off her best side.

As with this season, you need the other seasons to come and go so that spring can stand her place full. We have had a couple of tough seasons – seasons where change was inevitable and where sadness consumed is like the winter’s cold. For some the winter started in March 2020 and the sun has not reached their side of the Earth in a long time.

We are all seeds waiting for the rain to water our soil, the temperatures to rise and for the sun to give us direction. When the time is right and the first flower stand up to reach out to the sun, the rest follows in suit. Nature shows us that after the harshest winters and the most outrageous storms, the sun will soon come out and give us a reason to face the light.

Let spring settle in you this quarter and live the SPRUNG life every day.

S – Surprises – Allow for change to open your world to one of gifts and moments that take your breath away
P – Perseverance – It is the end of the year, you have made it this far – there are no deadlines, just one growth stage after the other
R – Reflection – Be in the moment
U – Uplift – If you are the first to face the light, bend down to uplift the petals of those who needs a little direction
N – Noticable – Stand out, be bold, show off who you are because the world needs to see YOU
G – Grateful – Do not get overwhelmed about what you have lost, what you do not have or what you have not achieved – take a moment to see what you do have, what you have a achieved and how you have grown to be here today.

So the next time you see a field full of flowers, see yourself as one of them – standing in a crowd where you are not alone – you are beautiful, unique and where we need you to face the light so that together we represent unity in our uniqueness – but also in our togetherness and in community.