Bright and Blooming Nitída

By Anlé Britz

Towering at the top of the Tygerberg Valley Rd, overlooking the Atlantic seaboard, Nitída (hindy meaning for bright and bloom) shows off all her colours at the Cassia restaurant. With a brand ‘For the love of food’ lies in the proof on every plate leaving the kitchen pass. Here we all speak the wining and dining language fluently.

The double volume space with floor to ceiling windows invites you to a perfect getaway for a date, friends get together or family meal. The beauty of this restaurant is that no matter the time of the day, the atmosphere is tranquil, soothing and sets you in a content state of mind.

During the day, the deck along the fountain is flirty and filled with joyous white noise while sipping on a glass of white wine and enjoying the best baked cheesecake on a chocolate cake base in the region.

In the evening the candle lit tables are buzzing with storytelling chatter and oooohs and aaaaahs of indulgent of love bites (flavour combination of everything on the plate).

On my last visit, I ordered the slow roast pork belly with creamed potatoes, pickled red cabbage, roasted walnuts with an apple, pear and rosemary spiced chutney for mains and let me tell you I paused several times to just take a moment and appreciate the curation of this amazing artwork of a dish. We enjoyed a bottle of the Calligraphy red blend – to wine for! As for dessert it was the dark chocolate fondant, coffee ice cream, fresh berries with a sweet and sour coulis. Around the table each dish was a masterpiece and guaranteed a couple future bookings or a return.

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