Wine me up

II will, in good time, share with you the beauty of all the vineyards in and around out city, but until then, I would like to share some of my favourite wine experiences in the city center….

Culture Wine Bar

As the Culture slogan states, wine is a culture. One that we could not agree more, this culture is one that needs to be respected, explored and enjoyed. This culture is tangible in every aspect of the word. While it does not have to be understood, I can assure you that there is never enough to learn.

The wine culture is an unbiased and a judge-fee space where you know that here the only requirement is that you love wine. The steps itself up to the bar creates curiosity and excitement for the world you are about to step into. Here at the Culture Wine Bar, you are aware that the atmosphere is homely, joyous and you can see how wanderlust travels from tastebuds to faraway journeyed thoughts.

You are welcomed with friendly service (it is all in the eyes) and experts who want to introduce you to the charm of their carefully curated and blended world.

With good wine you need good food and this bar has a flexible menu that’s tastefully been put together for your senses to travel through a world of aromas that will make your head spin.
Set a date, grab your partner in wine and set yourself up to be whirled away for a pretty grape experience.
Check them out here:

Caroline’s Fine Wine Cellar

Caroline’s is one of the most beautiful city center Cellars that exists in this beautiful city. The Strand Street building has been operating under the Caroline’s brand from 1997. Have no fear, there is a 2nd branch available in Tokai. These two branches are managed under the watchful eyes and hands of three power woman.

The beauty of these cellars is that they are the caretakers of some of South Africa’s most bespoke boutique wineries and their flagship wines. More so, they stock amazing ranges of worldwide renowned wines from Italy, Spain and France. While they might not have a restaurant where you can spend time lulling in your senses, here you will find the most amazing, rare wines that will get you jumping up and down with excitement.

What excites me the most about this specialist wine shop is that your do not have to be a serious collector to betaken seriously when you visit. Every single individual that enters this world of wine is treated like a valued wine lover and pallet explorer and that is a solid foundation to build great wine relationships and memorable stories.
Check them out here: