Do the hoke POKE

This chunky seafood inspired and Instagram perfect works of art in a bowl takes care of all your tastebud and visual stimulation needs while soothing your healthy lifestyle mentality all at once.
The craze has over time stabilized, but restaurants all over SA did not hesitate to keep up with the food trend and add Poke bowls to their menus. I have recently travelled to the Elgin Railway Market( and the most amazing Poke Bowl food stall was screaming my name. What an amazing experience – I will return again and again. You will have to add this to your explore my own country in a day bucket list. It is only one hour out of town.

What surprised me even more is the variety of Poke Bowls available – so no two bowls will taste the same. Poke has grown beyond tuna and salmon and so you will find albacore tuna, red snapper, octopus, and other seafood like prawn, shrimp and calamari in your bowl. Some goes that far to replace seafood altogether with chicken. Poke shops offer a make-your-own style poke bowl, where Poke adventurers can select from toppings like soy sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds, scallions, Maui onions, cucumbers, and flaked chili. Some poke shops offer rice bowls where the fish dish is served over sushi rice, where others focus on the fish as a standalone dish.

I could not help it – I put my left foot in, took my left foot out and shook it all about and did the hoke poke and turned around – That is what it’s all about.
Here is a couple of amazing restaurants you can feed on your Poke needs:
Three Wise Monkeys:
The Poke Co.: