Celebrating what matters at Graham Beck

By Anlé Britz

At this time of the year everyone is struggling with coping with the fact that the third quarter of the year has waved us goodbye and what is left of the year is disappearing in front of our eyes in a blink. My family and I planned it well to close in on some time away before the year runs away with us.

While October is my favourite month because it is my birthday month, it truly is the most beautiful month of the year. Spring is in full bloom, the sun comes out to play and bronzes up our translucent skin that has been hiding away from all the layers over the last six months. As one of our adventures, we stopped at the Graham Beck Estate for a Cap Classique tasting.

The driveway already sets the mood – as you are slowly driving in to the estate, you are welcomed with multiple sculptures of Edoardo Villa (1915-2011) like the Cones in Space and Reclining figure. The trees along the parking spaces frames the sky in a perfect mirror reflection in the water feature, better than a red carpets’ invitation to timeless elegance. Stop by the visual storytelling of the “The story of Graham Beck” by Daniel du Plessis (born 1980) and stride along amazing artworks of Karel Anthony Nel (born 1955), Michael Pettit (born 1950) and John Meyer (born 1942) on your way to the tasting area.

The Tasting room itself has dramatic floor to ceiling windows that celebrates the light, the views and on this day a couple of yellow finch males building the nests for their future families. The tasting room attendants are friendly and graciously takes you on a journey of discovery as you explore and savour all that Graham Beck has to offer.

The combination of local and international art collections capture your attention long enough to soak in the history, the innovation and the excellence of bringing the worlds of art and bubbly together.
The mood of content, gratitude and grace settles in as you take in all the sensory ignitions in all your senses.
The vintage collection tasting caught my eye and I could not wait to get my senses blown away by curated taste and bubbles popping on my tongue. Note that there is a Sparkle and Pop option too that will ignite your senses between the non-vintage and vintage collection of bubbly and infused popcorn.

Let me tell you that their unwavering pursuit of the perfect bubble is catering for every mood, occasion and celebration. The collection proudly carry the crown of the Sparkling Wine of the Year of 2022 with royal pride – rightfully so.

The Graham Beck Ultra Brut was my absolute favourite and brand new to my collection. Life is precious and celebrating where we are, who we love, who loves us and being present in the moments is worth clinking a glass of passion driven bubbles.

Cheers to the last quarter of 2022 – may she treat us with sun, passion, success and moments to celebrate often.

Share part in the legacy written in the stars here: https://grahambeck.com/