A Royal-tea experience

By Anlé Britz

I joined in on a very special event at the beginning of June to celebrate the expectation of a brand new Artroute member – though it might take about 20 years before he can join the team. Like mother like son, I believe.

I have been to my fair share of High Teas – even catered and hosted a couple of them in the past. Needless to say, I had my reservations on just another collection of petit fours. Little did I know that a Royal Tea at the Granary Café will kick my reservations to the curb.

Allow me to set the scene…

We were seated in a nesting corner along one of the shimmering pillowed-glass windows designed by Thomas Heatherwick, wrapping along the 6th floor of the Silo hotel. Towering over us from the sides, we are engulfed by the romantic atmosphere set by the setting sun after a perfect winter’s day. Staring off with a welcome drink inspired by a chilled version of The Silo Blend tea.

With more than ten perfectly blended and curated teas, the decision is not a easy one – each their own piece of art. I had to look no further than the elegant Jasmin Bai Hao – Scented Oolong tea as she screamed my name and let me say she showed off her full beauty in both presentation and taste. As for the petit treats, my mouth watered the moment they placed the wheel of delights in front of me (see my face of pure joy). Each of the carefully crafted sweet and savoury bites bursts out in flavour and demand their place on your palette. I will not dive into the detail of every bite as a new ‘Royal’ does not share all her secrets, but the treatment is real. The service is phenomenal and the experience is one that will entice you to return in the very near future. Take my advice, dress the part, you do not want to miss out on your photo opportunities.

Book your spot here: https://www.theroyalportfolio.com/the-silo/experiences/at/the-granary-cafe/