The season is changing and so is autumn

By Anlé Britz

As the weather is changing so is everything what we knew about tourism changing as well. News 24 reported that the tourism is bouncing back after most travel restrictions have been lifted globally. While the Covid pandemic still forms a great thread to all, we are learning how to continue life despite this cloud hanging over us. Our national and international tourism teams are doing an amazing job in attracting locals and international travellers to our city and we are welcoming every individual and opportunity with open arms.

The sun rises later in the morning, promising more viewed and appreciated sunrises on the way to work. Even the sunsets have a special golden finesse to it. Even the moon jumped in on the show on the 16th May and showed off her beauty with a full Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon -have you ever seen so many colours reflecting off the surface of the moon?

So many amazing art is inspired by autumn, and this is the perfect time to FALL in-love with this inspiration all over again. Some of the most famous artwork were inspired by this season like the Autumn Landscape with Four Trees by Van Gogh portraying the natural changing of seasons. And The Birch Wood by Gustav Klimt playing with the symbolism of a dying nature.

As this is the season of colour the fashion and design world are not restraining any limits with the bright colours for this chilly season. Here are some of the colours to inspire your next work of art: olive branch, green bee, Ibiza and Mykonos blue, adobe, illuminating yellow, fuchsia fedora, ultimate grey, fire whirl, clear sky, spring lake, daylily, winery, sou bean, first blush and lavender.

Let this be the season that changes your life for the better, one that stands out and makes a statement as the skies change to grey all around you.