March – Time to celebrate

After two years not having the luxury to make plans in putting up a great show by celebrating our rainbow nation wholeheartedly, the Cape Town Carnival has come back with a bang in 2022. With a COVID-conscious lens, the single-street-single-show carnival was split into 5 hubs – Hatfield Street, SA Museum, National Gallery, Green Market and the Heritage Square Hub. Each with its own personality, theme, culture and artistic focus.

For the love of… is a controversial statement especially in the arts and culture world. It is so often said that The city was buzzing with energy all over with a jam-packed schedule of five performances per hub – so you had no excuse to feel that you missed out on anything. What made this event the best of its kind, was that it encouraged the support of local businesses, art galleries and restaurants all over town. Different from the previous one street support in the past. Like colourful confetti, people and art were scattered along the streets of the city CBD. You could hear the music, song and happy buzzing of chatter climbing the walls of the skyscrapers.

We have had to be isolated and secluded for such a long time and it is time that we crawl out from our caves and start to celebrate. Like wildlife celebrating the first rainfall after a drought. Do not hear my cry for celebrations dismissive of the fear, sadness and loss that we have had to endure. But hear my heart that it is time to start living again despite the pain and depression. Living in colour and light by celebrating what is alive and the cherished memories of what and who once lived. It is time that we live and love by reuniting our stories, our gratitude, our creativity and our people.

This year the festival brought together more than 29 community groups, 61 lead performers, 15 puppeteers, four acrobats, two poi players, two still walkers, two large puppets and unbelievable stage props like a 7 metre Eland. This unique showcase puts South African talent, culture, and creativity in the spotlight. And we are ready to be seen – for we are bold, strong and colourful together.