A walk in a garden is a delight

Walking in Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is a double delight. The sheer grandeur of the setting of the garden with walkways that meander through six different biomes on the eastern slopes of Table Mountainis something to savour and enjoy.

My walk starts at the Camphor tree Avenue that Cecil Rhodes planted around 1898 then along Van Riebeek’s hedge of Wild Almond trees planted in 1660 and then further on towards the Boomslang.
The Centenary Tree Canopy Walkway or ‘Boomslang’ is a raised walkway high up looking over the Arboretum with views over the garden.

After sitting overlooking the Cycad Amphitheatre Garden, it is a steep slope toward the Protea Garden. Here one can find Proteas, conebushes and pincushions.
Be on the look out for the Orange-breasted sunbird looking for nectar and the Cape sugarbird with its remarkable long tail feathers, that are both endemic to Cape Town. Keep on walking and find a wealth of different biomes and stop to smell the Fragrance Garden…a carnival of colors, fragrances and scenery.
Conservation conversations is Birdlife’s educating channel that you can find on YouTube. Here they discuss many interesting topics e.g., birding spots around Cape Town as well as birds in a treeless environment.
Go check out their channel below.