International Public Art Festival IPAF

The International Public art Art Festival has been interesting. Until the end of Wednesday we weren’t sure where all the artists were going to be painting, one only started this afternoon, because the city declined some of the applications for permits, and then the organisers scrambled to find alternative walls for those who hadn’t been allocated spaces.

As it turns out, only 2 artists are painting in the East City where the walking route was mapped out. Of course there are other street murals, galleries & other places of interest to point out as we go, which we researched right from the start anyway, but we are disappointed that we don’t have more artists to watch & engage with on our walks, as the rest are too dispersed to reach comfortably on foot. But finally all the artists are busy, and on Thursday the guides are going to do their best to reach them all, whether on foot or otherwise.

In the meantime I’ve earned an honorary degree in Harrington, Buitenkant, Commercial & Barrack Streets!
We’ve still enjoyed the experience & the vibe has been good.

The sun & the wind have been next level at times – especially the wind this afternoon! Incredible to see the artists facing the same elements as they work, & all the physical & logical challenges that go along with it.

Left: Psoman from Belgium, Broken Fingaz Crew from Israel &Motel Seven (Toyah) from SA at the very top end of Bree Street, across the road from the Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Cape Town Hotel (backend).
Right: Stefan Smit from Cape town: corner of Jamieson & Victoria Streets, just around the corner from the other 3
2 artists Yessi (Bali, Indonesia) & Manolo (Spain) both working independently at the end of Commercial Street close to Plein Street

Tamlyn took her Curro art class to share in this amazing opportunity to see art in its raw and live form making their way through the streets lead by our very own Craig Barrowman. They stopped at the A4 Art Foundation to explore the current running book exhibition.
What a brilliant way to inspire our you that art is welcomed, encouraged actually in this broken, but colourful world.