January – A beam of hope

Every day the sun comes up, it is a new day – one that is filled with new opportunities. We are burning to ignite this year with positive energy, hope and a new sense of growth. While we have so many metaphorical and literal fires burning all around us we need to action as needed. Some fires need to be extinguished and other sparks fueled.

We are kicking off this brand new year with a sense of hope. It is the season for change as we have tasted the
sweet taste of the tourism industry slowly but surely returning to a new normal. The beam, that lit up our Cape Town skies from 31 Dec 2021 to 6 Jan 2022 , symbolised the lives that were lost, the jobs that were affected, the coming together of a nation in solidarity and ultimately for hope in the new year. For seven days this beam represented reflection, compassion, solidarity, inspiration, connection, collaboration and hope.

In January our loss has continued as we said our goodbyes to the Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu – a true custodian for building and reforming a broken nation. He has added so much meaning in uniting a rainbow nation, in his own words: “We are the rainbow people of God! We are marching to freedom! Black and white together.” This worldwide pandemic has shown us that there is no discrimination on who gets ill, who dies or who survives.

Our national flower, the Protea, is protected by thick bark or deep rooted underground stems, uses bushfires to its advantage and allows for these triggers to release their canopy seed bank. Thus promoting recruitment of the next generation. In the following spring after the fire, the seeds will germinate, mature and flower again.
Sometimes, like fynbos, we need to use the devastating fire to start anew and realign.
We are excited to get fired-up about the possibilities of this year, for our people, for tourism and new art
inspiration and expressions.