Hottest gelateries to chill at

Unframed Ice Cream

Unframed is a proudly Capetonian gelateria who’s mission is very clear – spreading scoops of happiness.
In fact they have done their job so well that they have been crowned the number ONE ice cream parlor
in the world. Living an unframed life, they create artisanal ice cream from scratch in dairy, vegan and
sorbet. Prepare yourself for the best melt in your mouth experience – luckely this does not have to be a
once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity. Make your way to their flagship store in Woodstock, find the hidden
gems sprinkled all over Cape Town or order them in.
Catch them here:

Moro Gelato

Stefano Moro (rooted in the coastal hills of Liguria) and Heine van Wyk (rooted in at the foot of Table Mountain) became friends many years ago. After meeting in Milano a couple of times, the started to churn about their shared passion. Gelato. While staying true to Italian roots and traditions of Nonna Moro’s fresh ingredient gelato and sorbet recipes, this trio gelato cafe’s remain own to Cape Town. Spoil yourself with an engaging and vibrant experince as they walk you through the process before finally satisfying your taste bud cravings.
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Kirsten’s Kick-ass Ice Cream

Need there be said more – Kirsten’s promises that you will enjoy an ice-cream-hug-moment with kickass
flavours. The beauty of these cafe’s is that you can enjoy a waffle cone for those spontaneous moments, but
while you are at it, buy yourself a 500ml tub to take home “for later”. If dairy or sugar does not agree with you,
have no fear there is a flavour made just for you too. They might be based in Cape Town, but be sure to look
them up on your next trip to Mauritius.
Catch them here: