Cape Town Team

Linsey Samuels is an arts specialist and administrator living and working in the Western Cape. In 2010 she left the corporate industry, surrendering to her vocation of art to pursue full time studies within the Visual Art sector where she completed her National Diploma from the Ruth Prowse School of Art. In the 2013, she participated in the Thupelo Workshop Program and spent time amongst the artists of Greatmore Art Studios. While participating in several workshops and group exhibitions and practicing as an artist. In 2015 she worked as an arts administrator for the Performing Arts Network of Southern Africa. In 2016 she worked in the tech start-up, incubated by Cap40 and the French Technology hub of South Africa, as the Project Manager and Studio Coordinator specializing in the pioneering of 3D printing technologies in South Africa. As coordinator she has worked in various roles within the Education and Tourism industry, assisting in the curating of specialised experiences of the products offered for clientele.

Richard Kilpert is a seasoned art fundi who comes with a balance of experience both in community-based art organisations and as a lecturer at a tertiary level.  He has been actively involved in the South African art and education fields since completing his studies in the Eastern Cape, where he managed access programmes and developed education resources for the Department of Education and various publishers. After three years running the printmaking department at Wits University he was appointed to run the Imagination Lab, which had five satellite centres around the country.  After moving to Cape Town with Vega School he became a curator for the World Design Capital in 2014 and ran the education programme for the Cape Craft & Design Institute. His talent is in printmaking and drawing, and his passion is for making art accessible through practical activities and materials development.  He joined Artroute after working for four years in the curatorial department in Zeitz MOCAA.

Britt possesses a strong foundation in the world of art and design. With a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communications and Honours in Graphic Design. As a collage enthusiast, Britt has developed a unique approach to her craft, blending various mediums and materials to create captivating and thought-provoking artworks. Her passion for tactile design shines through in her work, as she explores the interplay between textures, colours, and forms, resulting in visually interesting compositions & narratives. In addition to her artistic pursuits, Britt is a tertiary educator, after being invited back to her own institution after graduating. She serves as a lecturer at the well-known Vega School of Branding where she imparts her knowledge and experience to the next generation of creative minds. What truly sets Britt apart is her deep-rooted passion for art and youth culture. She has a keen interest in rebellious and anti-establishment works, constantly seeking out artists who challenge societal norms and redefine the boundaries of artistic expression. Through her tours and engagements, Britt shares her infectious enthusiasm, offering a fresh perspective on art that resonates with both seasoned art enthusiasts and younger audience.